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A Mirage Of Happiness

A Mirage Of Happiness

People are Chasing Happiness
And arguing measuring Happiness Index
is better than GDP Index
I thought to talk with you about my journey.

In a desert, I walk and run
In the hope of water
The desire for water is real in me
But not real water there
How to drink that nectar of this planet,
Which is nowhere here in this desert?

Happiness is that kind of mirage land
For which human have a real desire
To drink but nowhere there is the world
Except it is perceived at the far distance or
At the backyard of some other person’s house or
At the trough in the desert.

But when you reach there after your long journey
Then you realize it is not here too
We keep inspiring fellow travelers
To walk a little more, to work a little more
You will get it when you reach there or
achieve which you value in life.

We are inspiring people to achieve that
Which we ourselves never got outside
Our children work hard to achieve that
Which we don’t have
A child can work hard to follow elders
You can motivate a child
to work hard for a whole day
And finally, give him a chocolate
so that he can feel good.
But a child in me has understood
the trick of people around me
You want to keep me busy the whole day
for a bar of chocolate that too when I am not hungry.

I am a child of the goddess of death
I want to play just because
I am out from my mother’s lap and
Not because I want to become happy
by taking your tempting chocolate
But because I love to play.

This world is a mirage of happiness
There is no happiness there
It is not an object to get anywhere but
It is my experience during play
I don’t get happiness but I am happiness
A mad run for that which I am and
I am established in that.

O Chaitnya, know thyself that
in essence, you are nothing but Ananda
But without knowing your essence you are
running like a dear is running for a musk.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari

Until Next Time Stay Blessed

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