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I do not know how to define myself. Delivering a professional talk on some subject, explaining what you do to make your earning, impressing someone using some complicated grammar or terms is one part of the professional and social life. But in that, all that we do is labeling our task, behavior, identity, and trying to help others who we are. In reality, to define ourself we need to know the plane at which we are connecting to the people around us.

Broadly we exist at three levels. The first is our physical, gross body level. The second is our emotional, intellectual body level. The third is, beyond our physical existence & emotional drama what we think really about ourselves. Whether we define ourselves or others we put labels during the process of definition, and we think that now we know.

We have put labels on everything around, many of the things are very close to us and we live with them every day, every moment. Like water, air, space, food, plants, flowers, fruits, etc. Do we really know those by knowing their commonly defined labels? We know things only at the surface level because many of us have neither time nor desire nor we feel it is useful to know things deeper. With labels, we know how to use objects, goods, and people around for our survival so that we don’t enter into unnecessary trouble because of ignorance. But is that knowing sufficient for self-realization? This is the question each thinking individual need to ask himself or herself.

Still, you want to know about my labels so that you can be interested in reading more about what I write?

Hi, I am Hari Thapliyaal. I am a Project Management, AI & Data Science, NLP Trainer, and Consultant. I also have a plethora of experience in data analytics, web design, and development. In the last 2.5 decades of my career, I have played various roles with different organizations and as an independent consultant.

I am interested in everything but gossip. If you think you are also a true seeker in life and interested to explore unknown dimensions of life then I think you are right place.

To engage with me if you keep your religion, dogmas, traditions, community practices, language, color, race, caste away and try to connect with me at the level of spirit then we both will have an enriching and liberating experience.

I have experienced that many times being rational or logical is an issue with many people because most of the time they use the borrowed logic. Either they have taken it from some book or from some religious preacher, pandit, father, Mulla, or maulvi. In that case, I suggest better use only your senses and try to perceive the reality around which is not labelled by the words of any language.

Just pay attention to the silence, listen to the flow of the breeze, see up deep dark sky where you don’t see anything, feel the pumping of your own heart and flow of blood in your own veins. It will bring back you home, and you will know yourself without labels, without words.

Wisdom exists in the awareness or we can say awareness itself is wisdom. Reading, studying, contemplation, reflecting, meditating, asking, explaining, listening are the interim steps to improve the quality of awareness.

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Hari Thapliyaal

Dr. Hari Thapliyaal

@ Bangalore & Dehradun, India
Trainer, Consultant, Coach in Data Science, Machine Learning, Project Management