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Knowing, Learning, Experimenting, Implementing and getting Business results

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Hari Thapliyaal

using Project Management Values & Principles is the core of Project Success. Not Just writing processes and theorizing.

More than a technical and management professional I feel I am a full life, who want to know everything, who is interested in everything and has the ability to penetrate anything whether it deeper philosophical Adavita Vedanta, mysteries of the subatomic particles, technical concept of IT application architecture. More than anything else in life I valued my ignorance. Because it did not allowed me settle in life, more Tapasya (austerity to experience the life) I did more I come to know I am at the starting point.

I firmly believe in a principle which say that one should learn in such a way that you are going to live in this cosmos forever, and at the same time don’t be casual and touch many things but the experience of nothing. Work wisely to know everything in the existence so that you know yourself as eternal being!

By education I am computer programmer, by profession I am a project management consultant, coach & trainer and by heart I love data science, philosophy and long lonely tracking.

In last 2.5+ decade in the industry travelled a lot and touched thousands of life. Inspired many thousands and some of the jewels became part of my life.

Completed my Masters in Data Science & AI and exploring this wonderful, promising field of technical and business life.

Trained 4000+ people in 300+ full-day workshops of 2-7 days. Trained professionals in India and APEC regions.

Transformed the way of managing projects and project management office for dozens of projects and organizations.

Open to work with like minded people on Technology Project, Data Science, AI, ML, Product Development. More than that love to work with those who value money, relationship and knowledge equally, at the same time looks the journey of life beyond the physical existence.

I am seasoned professional for product development and project management in agile project environment.

Dr. Hari Thapliyal at LinkedIn

Hari Thapliyaal

Dr. Hari Thapliyaal @Bangalore

Trainer, Consultant, Coach in Data Science, Machine Learning, Project Management