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Work Performance Data

Work Performance Data is input or output in PMBOK processes. It is a raw observation while the process is being performed. There is no meaning of this data. To bring the meaning you need to bring the entire context and analyze the data in that context. Some examples of this can be as follows.

  • In a banking software application development: 4 change requests related to data entry system in an application, 5 change requests related to UI, 6 changes related to the workflow change. The test server was down for 2 hours, cost of the X component is $100.
  • In a physical security system: 6 vehicles went out of the factory, 10 people came into the factory at 11 AM, etc.
  • On the project site: 10 people were working at 10 PM on the construction of boundary wall, 3 KM road is constructed in 1 week.

Without context, we cannot interpret any of the above data. We cannot say it is good or bad. In the absence of such analysis, we cannot make any decision or take any action.

Work performance data is output of Direct and Manage Project Work

Work performance data is input in following processes.

  1. Validate Scope
  2. Control Scope
  3. Control Schedule
  4. Control Costs
  5. Control Quality
  6. Control Resources
  7. Monitor Communications
  8. Monitor Risks
  9. Control Procurements
  10. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement