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Validate Scope

Validate Scope process comes in picture when project’s output is shown to the customer or end-user. In this process, a customer validates the requirement against the baseline and his/her need. Sometimes even if the feature displayed to the customer is part of the scope baseline but that does not meet the need of the customer then s/he can request for a change. If everything is fine and fits the need of the customer then s/he can signoff that piece of work. PMBOK does not encourage a one-time big demo for the customer or one big bank sign-off from a customer but based on the complexity of the project keep the customer engaged, schedule, and show demo many times in project lifecycle. As and when some small deliverable is ready it is important to take feedback from the customer and incorporate the change if suggested by customer. Keep in mind that any change has to managed through Perform Integrated Change Control process

Validate Scope (Process Summary)

This table is based on PMBOK 6th Edition of PMI


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PMBOK 6th Edition Process Summary Table