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Develop Schedule

Develop Schedule is the last planning process of time management knowledge area. So it is the final stage of schedule development. The only purpose of this process is to make a project schedule that is doable and acceptable to all the relevant stakeholders. Thus schedule baseline is the output of this process.
But you will notice that by this time in earlier 5 processes of time management namely Plan Schedule Management, Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Duration we have not done anything to optimize the overall project schedule. In today’s business environment time is the most critical and scarce resource so we should perform certain activities using some scheduling tools to analyze the robustness of the schedule, to optimize the resource, to optimize the cost, and to optimize the time.

Develop Schedule (Process Summary)

This table is based on PMBOK 6th Edition of PMI


Tools & Techniques


PMBOK 6th Edition Process Summary Table